Pristine Group

Pristine Group

We have a trust 10 yr old shree Jai Balaji educational trust

Pristine Group Upcoming project

Pristine Group Upcoming project


Pristine Group About Us?

PRISTINE- A name that connotes of being pure, original and always being fresh, is a 50 year old group Slowly emerged as a company that manufactures superior distilled spirits by adopting stringent quality control measures, and internationally proven technology. Has a range of products that can qualify as the best in terms of blend and packaging. One of the very few companies who have the infrastructure to manufacture good quality in India.
At present, there are about 500 people in all the categories from top to bottom, are working with Pristine Group. A legendary team of highly professional people is guiding the company at the top level in all the business verticals. They are well supported at the middle level by highly experienced team in each business vertical
followed by skilled and semi skilled team of personnel. Customer centricity, quality, and evolution are the primary rules that keep us motivated to be ahead in this beverage industry.We have three major brands in total that are Pristine Distilleries, Kalaamb distillery and brewery and Kshipratradecomm. We have 10 yr old shree Jai Balaji educational trust, which makes us one of the most trustworthy in the industry.

Some of our major upcoming projects include Pristine Blue Inn and Hospital For Free Treatment for needy one.

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