Follow real-time EUR/USD rates and improve your technical analysis with the interactive chart. Discover the factors that can influence the EUR/USD forecast and stay up to date with the latest EUR/USD news and analysis articles. Hello traders, All the below are based on my preferences, I don’t give any financial recommendations and I have nothing to sell you with this article.

tendencia euro dolar

I’m sharing content because I see a lot of traders being/becoming broke and I don’t want you to be one of them. Your ability to stick to a strategy matters more than the strategy itself As a systemic trader, I’ve… Only mortgage rates forecast and history are updated weekly. bdswiss trading The most traded currency pairs in the world are called “the Majors” and the EURUSD leads this group as the most traded pair in the world. This pair represents the world two largest economies and has faced most volatility since the inception of the euro in 1999.

Pronóstico del euro vs dólar US, semana del 14.11.2022

Today the economic news, looking at the forecasts shows a possible recovery by the… EUR/USD is the forex ticker that tells traders how many US Dollars are needed to buy a Euro. The Euro-Dollar pair is popular with traders because its constituents represent the two largest and most influential economies in the world.

tendencia euro dolar

Technically we see a fakeout and a good chance to short. Recent PPI shows that its not impressive and priced in to see a lower inflation in the US… Inflation has generally been no topic anymore as peak has been reached.


Hello to the TradingView community and my followers, please, if you like ideas, don’t forget to support them with likes and comments, thank you so much and we’ll get started. Today, I want to talk to you about the EUR/USD chart. In the chart, we can see how the price formed an ascending wedge and trades near axes broker the resistance line. Following our yesterday’s Idea, the EUR/USD is in a Bullish trend where the price had a strong bullish candle followed by a same strong contraction. The Spike below the Bearish candle indicates the absorbed liquidity from the bullish side by the stop loss of the contrarian traders.

tendencia euro dolar

Now its more the fact that raised rates and upcoming rate-hikes into a recession will… Today will be the release of the Empire State Manufacturing Index and PPI m/m plus the… Traders cryptocurrency brokerage firm are further net-short than yesterday and last week, and the combination of current sentiment and recent changes gives us a stronger EUR/USD-bullish contrarian trading bias.